Joint Products

It has been 15 years since we first recommended joint health products to our clients and the results have been phenomenal.  Our most popular joint health products are Glucosamine and Pentosan.  Of these glucosamine has been proven not only to provide the necessary joint nutrition as well as a stimulus for joint fluid production.  Injectable glucosamine gives the horse owner an inexpensive alternative to other joint health products where cost is a factor.  Injectable glucosamine is not generic Adequan or Chondrotin Sulfate and should never be touted as so. Using our injectable glucosamine at a cost of $90 for 6 doses will provide your horse for half a year once a month 500 mg per dose with the minimum joint maintenance. Our website has been remodeled and is now available for secure online orders. Thanks again for your continued support.  BARNEY

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Injectable Glucosanine Buy 6 doses in one 30 ml bottle (Includes Syringes & Needle) $90.00. Our product is a 100mg/ml strength which allows for a small 5 ml injection.

NEW: Pentosan PS.  Pentosan 10 dose Vial….$200 each.   Click hereto download a free e-book on Pentosan!  Composition: Contains: Sodium Pentosan Polysulfate 250 mg/mL



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